Life Insurance & Critical Illness


Critical Illness insurance can be provided as a separate policy; however, many people prefer to have this benefit as an add-on to their life insurance plan. In turn the plan will offer a broader spectrum of coverage than life or critical illness insurance can provide as standalone products.

This additional benefit will ensure that you are protected should you be diagnosed with a critical illness covered by your policy. You will be paid a lump cash sum following a 30 day waiting period. Some companies provide a 10% advance of the balance before the waiting period.

The types and number of conditions covered vary from insurer to insurer, however; typically cancer, heart attack and stroke are among the covered illnesses.

Here at ISI we are able to offer a range of Life and Critical Illness Insurance products from leading Canadian insurance providers, thus providing an opportunity to choose the plan that is just right for you. Get your free no-oblgiation Life & Critical Illness Insurance quote now.

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