Term to 100 Life Insurance


Term to 100 is a form of a permanent policy that may or may not have cash surrender value. This will depend on which provider you go with. Rates on a term to 100 policy will stay the same for as long as you make payments, or until you reach age 100. Once you reach 100 years of age, premium payments will no longer be required. The death benefit will still continue; in addition, for policies with cash surrender value you will be able to withdraw the total payout. In this case the income that comes from the withdrawal will be taxable, as opposed to death benefit which is paid out tax free.

Here at ISI we are able to offer a range of Term to 100 Life Insurance products from leading Canadian insurance providers, thus providing an opportunity to choose the plan that is just right for you. Get your free no-obligation Term 100 Life Insurance quote now.

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